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The Introduction

A brother-in-Christ and friend of mine sent me a copy of his new leadership book, “The Vanguard Leader”. I was introduced to Dr. William Valmyr through a mutual friend of ours who had met him at the church that they both attend. Little did I know how God would operate through this divine connection at His appointed time! Praise be to God for encouragers such as he! This book is not only exceptional, it is also an encouragement to any “leader” reading it. Whether you are just starting out your journey in a leadership role, or you have been in the trenches of the responsibility role for many seasons, this book adds value to your walk. A leader in his own walk, Dr. William Valmyr not only talks the talk as he shares his candid thoughts, but he also walks the walk in Victory. This has been achieved from quality time invested into years of training, learning, growing, & faith-building experiences.

The Book Details

“The Vanguard Leader”– The title inevitably begs the question – What is a Vanguard Leader? The subtitle doesn’t give too much detail but to hint at the positional factor, “Great Leaders Lead From the Front”. Ok. . . So. . . what does that look like? Thank goodness for the cover itself! Out of all of nature, the author chose a seasoned, mature Lion to illustrate the point at hand. Is a good leader bold? Yes! Is a good leader strong? Yes! Is a good leader wise in his/her ways? Yes! Is a good leader respected? Yes! Is a good leader confident? Yes! Is a good leader steady and reliable to those who look to him/her to be led? Yes! This list goes on, but one can easily see – this picture does, indeed, speak a thousand words!

It is said, “a lion doesn’t have to tell anyone it is a lion”. In the same context, a true leader, a Vanguard Leader, doesn’t have to tell anyone about it – that person simply IS a leader of high caliber! In both references, the subject just IS. Nothing more needs to be said. I believe the icing on the cake was the color choice of the letters on this cover. The Green lettering throughout holds many different symbolic meanings. It can mean to grow, spring forth, mature, and prosper. It can signify vitality and productivity. Some would say that it represents the aspect of Love being evergreen, continuous and everlasting. I agree! God’s Love IS this, for sure! To others, it means GO! Yes! Go, indeed! Go forth and conquer! Lead from the front, Great Leader!

What does it look like to Lead from the Front and walk out being a Great Leader?

as provided by the Author/Publisher

The Vanguard Leader promises to take you on a journey toward personal transformation that leads to maximizing your leadership effectiveness. As you read about Dr. Valmyr’s leadership journey you will discover the transformative power of “Leading Well Where It Matters Most”. This book will heighten your level of leadership awareness and equip you to effect lasting change within your own context. It will teach you how to get started and give you the confidence to lead from the front-regardless of your background, economic circumstances, or leadership acumen. If you want to change your life for the better, apply the principles in The Vanguard Leader. Read More about it and free resources the author is providing here.

What I Admire About The Writing In This Book

When I use the word “admire” I mean to hold in regard a measure of respect and value of another’s gifting provided by God.

What I Admire About The Writing In This Book

Many of the authors that I align myself with in the writing industry are candid, truthful, and invested in the writing process to be as transparent as can be. Dr. Valmyr is no different! His writing throughout these pages is precisely that! This book was written in such a way that it reaches every walk of life. It strategically provides instructions, guidance, tips, advice, suggestions of improvement, and accountability. The overall delivery of information in the flow of this handbook-to-life is precise and realistic. The contents of this book are not bound by any particular industry. It spans across them all, easily and seamlessly. It is a tool. Not just any tool, though, it is an exceptionally well-written and easy-to-follow survival guidebook for those who desire to achieve greatness in a leadership role. The author does an even deeper dive into what it means to be “successful” and “great” and, even, I venture to say “productive” in such pursuits. I can assure anyone who is considering implementing this into a training program or initiative for the leadership in their organization – this will redefine your leaders’ culture. If you are wanting to do a wide-scale company revamping initiative in all things leadership, this is a pivotal book to consider. You will see change if appropriately implemented and astutely applied with the backing of accountability throughout the training process. The basic Mindset and Behavior improvements are just the beginning! Overall, this book is easy to follow, even as an individual reader who desires to start, grow, improve, and sharpen his/her leadership qualities. Follower, Novice, and High-level leaders alike will find value in this book. It is a skill-set establishing, building, and solidifying book. Just like the Lion on the cover just is. . This book just is precisely that!

The Heart Behind The Writing From My Perspective

The Heart Behind The Writing From My Perspective

Dr. Valmyr’s book was easy to read and interpret. He did a fantastic job of breaking down what it means to be a leader of this caliber. The most profound aspect of the writing that impacted me, personally, as a reader was how well the author was able to bring it back to the basics. Yes, overarching topics were laid before me as I journeyed through these pages. The importance of good character virtues like honesty, transparency, integrity, humility, accountability, and honor were heavily considered. However, one of the most significant benefits of this book is not only saying what a Vanguard Leader is but the break down process of what it looks like in action. As most of my readers know, the question I love to ask about any Biblical discussions on live videos, interviews, etc. is – “Yes. . . . but what does that look like in action?” This book answers that question and breaks it down into a roadmap-of-success to easily follow. The steps provided and the process included are vital tools that will ensure success when used. Another piece that I will leave my audience with concerning my interpretation is this: Be prepared to have your definitions of SUCCESS, VICTORY, and even GREATNESS challenged! Suppose you apply the teachings in this book without any withholding of yourself (giving it your all) – those definitions WILL pivot to align with the overarching good character virtues listed above.

They just will. Get ready to dive deep when you dive into this book! If applied, it has the potential to take you to higher levels in your walk as a leader. . . Not just any leader, but a Great Leader who leads from the front.

3 Highlights I Appreciate From This Book

  • The Value of Understanding the Benefits of Growing
    • “Personal growth does not happen in vacuum. If you desire to grow professionally, you must take the time to develop a strategic plan to ensure that you can use all resources you have at your disposal. Think radically. Be led out of your comfort zone.” (Valmyr, 13)
  • The Importance of Intentionality and Foundational Decisions to Build Upon
    • “May I remind you that it takes a lot more intentionality to build something great as a leader than it will ever take to destroy anything. If you want something badly enough, you will make the changes necessary to become the best version of you.” (Valmyr, 36)
  • A Measure of Success
    • “Answering the call on your life is the most practical way to find fulfillment. The truth of your calling is an important part of the journey called life. Fulfilling your purpose is really the only way to live. Everything else is just existing (the author quotes The Purpose Driven Life written by Rick Warren, pg 61). Only those who answer the call, prepare for the call, sharpen their area of giftedness, and live passionately by becoming relentless in the pursuit of answering the call become successful leaders.” (Valmyr, 53)


Are you ready for that initial decision to become a great leader? Are you prepared to grow in what you desire to be? Do you desire to learn how to be a better, stronger, greater-equipped, deeper-level leader? If so, I highly recommend this book. I also recommend this book to readers that are just now starting out as a leader. Maybe you have been the one to stand in the corner and let everyone else step up to do the leading. Perhaps you would like to see what it would be like in action to lead. God may be calling you out to do more extraordinary things. Small or big – this book will help establish, develop, and improve leadership skills in a way not many books have been able to achieve. Caution: Like so many books that I enjoy – This book emphasizes accountability. Be prepared to be sharpened and challenged.

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