My New Podcast – Introducing the R.S.V.P. Show

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Introducing the R.S.V.P. Show hosted by April D. Metzler

Hey, everyone, my name is April D. Metzler. I am your host for a brand new podcast show titled the R.S.V.P. Show, we will be launching this podcast in January of 2021. But right now, I wanted to take a moment to actually introduce myself as well as introduce what to expect on the podcast. I have been doing the songwriting and writing and all of that jazz for about 20 years now. And I have just recently published my first music album, it’s titled “Oh My Heartstrings!” And you can find it on all streaming platforms and digital download platforms. I have recently published as well my first book, and it is titled, “Oh My God, My Heart”. And so, if you would like to learn more about either of those, you can visit my website at And I have my blog there as well. So there’s all sorts of kinds of cool things that you can check out on there. And you can visit my YouTube channel through links that’s provided there as well.

All my music is on ReverbNation and most of it’s on SoundCloud. So, you can always visit those as well and just press the play button. And, of course, there’s others that’s on there that are even home recordings. And so, you’ll get an inside scoop there of just me and music and God and, and messing around with music. So, getting back to the podcast show… I have not done a podcast show ever, obviously, this is my first – but these episodes are going to be centered around God. So, I have absolutely nothing to worry about. I may mess up, I may make mistakes, but that’s okay, because God’s got my back on all of those. So, we will be having interviews for the first few segments. And those are going to be titled – “Focusing on God in the Writing,” “Focusing on God in the Music,” and “Heart Behind the Worship”. I have special guests from the music industry that I’m going to have on my show, as well as special guests from the writing industry. And we are going to be talking about God in those industries, as well as in the “Heart Behind the Worship” segment. But that one’s different, because it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, we’re still going to talk about God in the middle of it. And we’re also going to be having these special guests for that episode actually sharing their heart behind what it is that they do for God’s glory. And so, regardless of what episode you tune into, you’re going to hear about God’s word, you’re going to hear some prayer, and you’re going to hear some candid, real conversation about what that looks like in action. So, we’re going to take the Old Testament, we’re going to take the New Testament, and we’re going to take all the testaments and we’re going to apply them to whatever it is our conversation leads us to. And so, the Holy Spirit, obviously, is going to be invited into those conversations and we’re just going to visit and talk about God.

So, I encourage you to jump in on one of those episodes, and you are invited officially. This is your official invite to join in on those conversations. And I am going to be setting up multiple ways for you to comment, multiple ways for you to share. And we’re just gonna stay encouraged and God’s Word on a weekly basis, and maybe even more than that! We’ll see what God does with this podcast. So… when you have time, jump on over to anchor.FM slash aprildmetzler and make sure to put that little bookmark up there and get ready to stay engaged on all of these new episodes are coming up. You can also subscribe to my mailing list. And you can get an update there, as well. So, wherever you connect with me, just make sure that you connect with me. And you can find my about page and all the different platforms that I’m on my website at It’s really simple. No matter where I’m at. It’s always April D. Metzler. I think I’m pretty close to the only one that has that combination. So I shouldn’t be too hard to find. But I appreciate your time this evening. And I look forward to tuning in with you to visit more about God and focusing on Him and all that we do and in all of our ways, because we want to acknowledge Him. We’ll keep Him center all the time. God bless you and know that God loves you.

Introducing the R.S.V.P. Show Podcast, Hosted by April D. Metzler – Episode 0 – Video Edition!

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